Wesley United Methodist Church is a merged congregations of three small churches, located within a short distance from each other, and who were all struggling to survive in the 1970’s. Our present membership has evolved from four mergers, and there was a time in the 1970’s that our church was identified, jokingly, around the District and the Conference as “Wesley UNITING Methodist Church”.

The three congregations that comprise Wesley UMC today:

TRINITY UMC opened in 1939 and stuggled during the World War II years at a location just north of Crosstown Freeway and Baldwin. Later, in 1958, Trinity moved to the 4800 block of South Staples which was across the street, east from La Palmera Mall. In June of 1979, Trinity merged with Wesley in the present Gollihar location.

WESLEY UMC on McArdle orginally resembled a little country church and was located on what is now the “cloverleaf” joining the Crosstown Expressway and Padre Island Drive intersection. They later moved to the 3000 block of McArdle Road.

ALDERSGATE UMC was the orginal occupant of the present Wesley church location and developed most of the present structure with the exception of the Education Building. Wesley and Aldersgate became “The Corpus Christi Greater Parish” on September 1, 1974. On January 1, 1975, the two churches merged, taking the Aldersgate location and adopting WESLEY UNITED METHODIST as the permanent name.

Trinity UMC brought funds sufficient to build the Education Building where our Children’s Sunday School classes are held and our preschool, The Learning Tree Chld Care Center.

Symbols from each church have been incorporated into the present structure as part of the 3 congregation heritage of Welsey UMC. From Trinity came the stained glass windows at the front of the chancel area. From Wesley on McArdle came the Rose Window in the Narthex, a memorial to the 6 month baby girl of Joe & Ann Adair. The Hanging Cross and 12 lights in the sanctuary are from Aldersgate – the 12 lights representing the 12 disciples. And, added by the 3 merged congregations in 1993 was the stained glass windows along the sides of the sanctuary.